Ministry of Defence


The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is the UK’s ministerial department responsible for the implementation of the Government’s defence policy. It includes the UK’s three armed forces: the Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force.

The MOD’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) – now the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) – funded innovative research to support UK defence and national security. Innovation is an important part of the MOD’s work because it helps the department respond quickly to threats as they emerge and evolve. That’s why the timely execution of new initiatives is crucial.

The CDE, which worked with a range of technology providers, wanted to make its processes more efficient, especially when finding and collaborating with its partners.


The MOD operates from several bases around the world, so it needed a flexible, multi-territory service platform to connect, communicate and collaborate with people and organisations internationally.

We started by focusing on the CDE’s experiences and mapping its complex supplier interaction processes. We then created a secure and robust commerce platform to substantially improve their innovation capabilities.

The project featured a ‘traffic light system’ that allowed critical information to be processed quickly and efficiently on a global scale.



“Quantiv’s commerce platform allows the MOD to connect and collaborate with the ‘inventor’ community of individuals and organisations over the globe, allowing timely development of new technology – ultimately saving lives on the frontline.”

Our platform allowed the MOD to radically improve how it engaged and collaborated with its technology partners around the world.

Problems previously dealt with in isolation were now worked on in partnership. That meant technology solutions, such as 3D imaging equipment, could be developed faster, helping ensure the British armed forces used the best equipment.


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