NumberWorks helps you to structure your application data and use it to define meaningful operational information.


NumberWorks helps create a definition of the major activities within your organisation and the changes they bring about.

This definition can be used to show how your applications should be both monitored and controlled, as well as identifying any supporting data required.

But by showing the how activities complete, it also shows how applications relate to each other, and so suggests ways in which processes could be streamlined and automated.

However, this definition means there is no need to connect your applications so tightly that subsequent changes would be difficult and risky, but still ensures that all data is available when needed.

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NumberWorks is inspired by:

  • Financial accounting
  • Dimensional modelling
  • And, perhaps unexpectedly, social networking

NumberWorks is used to structure your application data – quantities, values and their references – in a standardised and highly cohesive way.

In turn, this structure is used to define the connections between different activities in your organisation, and show how those activities affect each other.

In other words, NumberWorks models the world as it really is, but in a way that minimises how much the different activities and applications depend on each other.

We call this approach ‘process state modelling’, and this is the fundamental principle behind our NumberWorks method.


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