By concentrating on a small set of critical metrics – rather than a vast array of big data – we’ll help you bring your information to life.

NumberWorks Analysis Method

A specialised method of analysis that allows you to identify your organisation’s critical data and turn it into meaningful information.

NumberCloud Metric Management Platform

A cloud-based service that supports the flexible collection, storage and distribution of the information that matters most to your organisation.


Our services will ensure your data isn’t left unidentified, trapped in individual applications or lost in a reporting warehouse.

Instead, we’ll make sure the right information can be collected, stored and exposed to both people and other applications, and that it isn’t obscured by a mass of irrelevant detail.

So, when a significant event happens in your organisation, the critical information associated with that event can be defined and recorded consistently, and then used easily and with confidence.


Our services – the NumberWorks method and NumberCloud platform – support the efficient organisation and management of your organisation’s application data.

Together, these services allow your information to be communicated with the same level of simplicity and flexibility you get when you update your social media status, but with the reliability and security of a full enterprise system.


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