What we do

We’ll help you ensure your good data isn’t obscured by a proliferation of big data.


Our services help you monitor, control and automate your organisation’s processes by enabling you to get the most out of your application data.

We’ll work with you to collect, store and expose operational information from multiple data sources, both on and off premises.

By concentrating on a small set of good data – rather than a vast array of big data – we’ll help you expose and use your operational information. That means no more wasting time endlessly sifting through records or simply moving data around.

How we do it

By focussing on the key points at which your processes should be monitored and controlled, we can reduce data noise while increasing information throughput.

Our services – the NumberWorks method and NumberCloud platform – allow for a more rational approach to organisational monitoring, control and automation, while enabling diverse sources of information to be accommodated within a unified IT architecture.

NumberWorks software

A specialised analysis method that allows you to structure your organisation’s core application data and use it to define meaningful operational information.

NumberWorks software

A cloud-based service that supports the flexible collection, storage and exposure of the information that matters most to your organisation.

Where can NumberWorks and NumberCloud be used?

Financial management systems for fintech organisations

Rating and quote and buy applications for insurers

Order, warehouse and merchandise management systems for retailers and wholesalers

Production control systems for manufacturers


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