UK General Insurance


Leading UK insurance services business, UK General Insurance, was established in 1990. The company provided specialist insurance services such as distribution and claims management.


The original brief was to support a system to manage the company’s products for the letting market. The system had to be secure and able to handle large volumes of data in a high-change environment.

Our team began by looking at UK General Insurance’s core processes and needs. We identified the most important challenges the company faced and created a solution.

UK General


“Quantiv delivered all of UK General Insurance’s requirements to the letter. No outages meant the company’s services were always available, allowing UK General Insurance to gain market share quickly and assuring rapid growth.”
UK General Insurance

With our help, UK General Insurance enjoyed the freedom and control to seamlessly develop products to meet the needs of any target market. This, in turn, allowed the company to move fast and be first to market with products designed to meet specific requirements.

UK General Insurance was able to add multiple insurance products under its ‘Simple’ brand. It could also monitor where the business was making money and where it could improve.


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