Why NumberCloud?

NumberCloud allows you to turn your organisation’s data into essential operational information


Today, organisations of all sizes use multiple applications and computer systems with specialised functionality. Gone are the days when a single, large, monolithic application could be expected to provide the breadth and richness of these dedicated applications.

But this multitude of applications brings with it its own problems. Unless carefully controlled, the connections between the different applications can be complex and fragile.

Today’s complex software environments demand a new approach to monitoring and control – a more ‘social’ approach.

NumberCloud allows distinct applications to expose and operate on shared information, while remaining as independent (decoupled) as possible. It does this by using a minimal – but highly generic and cohesive – model for collecting, storing and sharing information.

Our services allow your processes to adapt as rapidly and transparently as the organisations – and people – they support.

Be informed…

Be informed…

Just by collecting the right metrics, in a standardised and consistent way, you’ll gain new and valuable insight into the inner workings of your organisation.

NumberCloud’s standard dashboards allow your metrics to be organised in a simple, yet extremely powerful format. You’ll be able to navigate your organisation’s key performance information, intuitively and in real time.

NumberCloud’s metrics can also be used by third-party tools to enable custom reports to be created, based on consistent, standardised data.

…and inform

But NumberCloud also makes it easy for people and applications to share your organisation’s important metrics – reliably and consistently. Your metrics can be used by applications running in different servers, departments, and even in different organisations.

And thanks to our ‘application social networking’ approach to handling metrics, other applications will be able to read measures – in sequence – without requiring complex integration development.

Changes in metrics are automatically tracked, so your applications can retrieve incremental updates from a known starting position, or even restart synchronisation from an earlier point.

In short, NumberCloud allows your metrics to be distributed to different people and applications as simply as if they were held in a single database. But this is achieved without imposing unnecessary application coupling or restrictive integration overheads.


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