Hotel Chocolat


Hotel Chocolat started out selling chocolates online in 1993, before opening its first shop in North London in 2004.

Today, the British chocolatier has 103 shops around the world, as well as cafes and restaurants – and also a hotel on its working cacao farm in the Caribbean.

The brand is adored by chocolate lovers across the world, thanks to its delicious range of boxed chocolates, luxury gifts and giant chocolate slabs.


The growth of Hotel Chocolat’s business meant the company needed a more reliable, scalable and robust spreadsheet system for its merchandise planning team.

Quantiv’s Planner platform was chosen because it was designed and built to provide the flexibility of a spreadsheet, while introducing merchandising features, controls, safety and resilience. The platform could be safely adapted and had the ability to grow with the business.

Hotel Chocolat


“We operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, so we need a solution that is powerful, robust and flexible enough to cope. Quantiv’s Planner solution is one of the most flexible tools on the market and fits our requirements perfectly. This, coupled with Quantiv’s implementation and development philosophy and can-do attitude, alongside their reputation for delivery and service, makes Quantiv the ideal choice for us.”

Simon Shutt, Hotel Chocolat

Our Planner platform empowered Hotel Chocolat to enhance their processes and work in new, innovative ways.

The resulting efficiencies allowed the business to focus on adding value by spending their time planning and interpreting the data, not spending huge amounts of time entering it.

And while the team at Quantiv have refined our services by launching our NumberWorks method and NumberCloud platform, our goal remains the same: to deliver results that matter to our clients.


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