NumberCloud is a robust, cloud-based, metric-management service.


NumberCloud supports the collection, storage and exposure of the information that matters most to your organisation.

It provides a flexible and efficient platform for metric collection, storage and exposure across diverse, distinct applications.

Using NumberCloud, your domain-specific data and logic can remain inside the applications that know them best – the source applications themselves. But at the same time, common information can be shared easily and consistently, rather than having to be duplicated across multiple applications.

We call this approach ‘application social networking’.


For analysts and developers

NumberCloud offers an easy way to create operational metrics based on data from any application.

Using NumberCloud, you can establish a simple, common standard for exchange of data, no matter what the source.

But with NumberCloud, application logic is left where it belongs – in source applications – rather than requiring duplication in separate, non-domain, reporting and integration applications.

For organisation stakeholders

Our services allow you to access trustworthy operational metrics based on data from multiple applications.

These can be shared with other stakeholders, providing a consistent view across your organisation, both of current state and the events that led up to it.

In this way, operational and compliance requirements can be met without complex, customised reporting and integration, but while still providing accuracy and assurance.


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