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We’ll help you organise and manage your data to create consistent and actionable operational information.

From data to information, innovation and automation.

All organisations want to improve – to increase sales, optimise costs, develop new services, resolve problems, stabilise operations, ease compliance:

  • But to improve requires change.
  • And to change needs understanding.
  • While understanding calls for information.

However, getting at this information can be frustrating.

All too often, data from different applications is brought together using an ad hoc selection of dashboards, file transfers, point-to-point messaging and human intervention.

And using reporting and analytics services can simply automate a process of transferring large amounts of data from one place to another with no increase in understanding.

In short, bigger data doesn’t lead to better information.

At Quantiv we understand these problems.

Our technologies help you organise your application data, manage its storage, and automate its use, turning your organisation’s data into essential operational information.


Producing good operational information can be a challenge:

  • The data on which it depends can be trapped in individual applications, impossible to use for comparison, or out of date before it’s available.
  • And with so much potential data available, critical information can easily become obscured by trivial details or made uncertain by contradictory views of the same event.
  • Even just defining what constitutes ‘good’ information can be problematic.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping our clients classify, qualify and quantify the data associated with their activities, making it easy for them to organise and manage their operational information.

And when good information’s available, understanding follows, in turn prompting the changes that lead to improvements.

Based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, we work with businesses and organisations in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, food, charity, insurance, retail and financial services, both in the UK and around the world.

NumberWorks Analysis Method

A specialised analysis method that allows you to structure your organisation’s core application data and use it to define meaningful operational information.

NumberCloud Metrics Management Platform

A cloud-based service that supports the flexible collection, storage and exposure of the information that matters most to your organisation.

How we help

Our services allow data to be captured and exposed from almost any application, running on any platform.

We help our clients to extract their critical data from individual applications, consolidate it into a standardised format, put it into context, and use it to provide consistent and actionable operational information.

Our NumberWorks and NumberCloud technologies have been used in many different environments including:

  • Production control
  • Financial management
  • Insurance rating
  • Order, warehouse and merchandise management
  • Quote and buy ecommerce

Customer stories

We’ve established longstanding relationships with a range of organisations, including high-profile clients such as JustGiving, the Ministry of Defence, and Hotel Chocolat.


Get in touch today to discover how our services can help you and your team turn data into information.

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