Meadow Foods


Meadow Foods was founded in 1992 as a farmer-backed dairy trading business. Three years later, the company merged with Bodfari, which saw the business obtain a large dairy processing facility and its own dedicated farmer supply.

Meadow Foods is now a leading supplier of milk and dairy ingredients to the food industry. It handles over 650 million litres of milk, and supplies more than 100,000 tonnes of dairy ingredients a year.


A key feature of Meadow Foods’ rapid growth has been its drive to enter new markets and update its business processes. It therefore wanted an underlying IT system to support its growth ambitions.

The company had an urgent need for a system that would enable tight management control across the business and compliance with the Government’s strict traceability requirements.

Meadow Foods selected Quantiv to create a custom-fitting system to manage every aspect of the business. And the company chose to harness our extensive business analysis and technical skills to put the system into action.

Meadow Foods


“We are delighted with Quantiv; the system has truly transformed our business. The Quantiv system allows us to adapt and provides us with a firm foundation for future growth. The Quantiv system has given us far greater flexibility to add new products and processes, with minimal time, effort or cost.”

Damian McDonald, Financial Director with Meadow Foods

The new system began processing data the moment a tanker of milk or cream arrived on-site, capturing its weight and validating it against the schedule of expected deliveries. A unique event number allowed all stages of the process to be captured consistently and retrieved at will. And the information captured created a complete picture of the financial, operational and quality aspects.

Wherever possible, data capture and processing steps were automated, while a daily summary identified volumes in and out of site, along with calculated losses.

Meadow Foods’ management team had the benefit of complete visibility of all the key cost and profit points across the business, which helped fuel the company’s growth.


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