welcome back

Hello again.

You may have wondered why we’d gone a bit quiet. Or perhaps this is your first interaction with us?

But, besides the knock-on effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a good reason for our recent low profile: we’ve been busy behind the scenes carefully refining our services to create new, more focused versions.

Plus, we’ve revamped our website, so you can find out all you need to know about the method and platform we’ve created to harness the power of your operational data.

But these services aren’t completely new. In fact, it would be more accurate to say we’ve created them from the core of our existing services, so we can concentrate on our original objectives and make our services more effective than ever.

A quick recap on our business

Quantiv was founded in 1995 to enable the operation of our clients’ business processes to be measured with the same degree of formality and reliability already available for their financial activities.

To support this aim, we developed a lightweight process modelling approach that could be used in many different businesses.

In turn, we developed a software platform to make it easier to implement applications based on this approach.

So far, so good.

Our customers were pleased with the applications we built, especially because of the visibility and control they offered them.

And so, we built more.

We extended the platform to support more domain-specific functionality. We implemented applications in domains as diverse as manufacturing, insurance, merchandise planning and ecommerce. And we added components from third-party suppliers.

Our evolution

Those applications all had, at their heart, a need to expose and manage the numbers behind our clients’ processes. But, to provide complete solutions, we found ourselves becoming involved in aspects well beyond that main objective.

This made our platform more difficult to manage and change, and meant we were spending more time on ‘supporting’, rather than on ‘core’ activities.

To tackle this, we decided that instead of building every part of a solution, we’d use our services with those from other suppliers. This would allow more off-the-shelf functionality to be included, while still achieving the same level of visibility and control.

Launch of NumberWorks and NumberCloud

Using this approach, we realised we no longer needed to support such an array of additional specialist functionality. And that meant we could concentrate on our central – and original – objective: exposing and using operational information.

Our new services are the results of that realisation:

  • NumberWorks – a specialised method of analysis that allows you to identify your organisation’s critical data and organise it into meaningful information
  • NumberCloud – a robust data-management platform, which supports the collection, distribution and exposure of your important operational metrics and transactions

These services allow you to focus on the data that matters most to your organisation, so you can take action based on relevant and reliable information.

But although these are new services, they’ve evolved from our earlier developments. So, rather than being ‘new’, we consider them to be a natural continuation of our original journey.

To find out how we can help you harness the power of your numbers, explore our website, or get in touch on 0161 927 4000 or info@quantiv.com